Here you can see the result of having some work carried out at Nickson Motorsport! many happy customers have left a review of their experience with us. Over the last 5 years our company has grown purely on word of mouth and happy customers with minimal advertising!

David Monaghan - Mazda rx7

Nickson Motorsports - Purveyors of the finest creations in metal I've seen. Can't recommend the man enough.

Richard Gander - Nissan 200sx

I've had a full cage done by nick in my rb26 s13. i wouldn't be over exaggerating when i say you wont find any better fit and finish. i was really happy with it. probably one of the best bits of the car. price is very reasonable. nick's skilled work is worth paying for. ill be getting him to do more stuff on my new ps13 soon too

James - Nissan 200sx

From the beginning to the end, Nick and his work have been superb. he's always been at the end of the phone to discuss any questions i had and advise where neccessary . When I saw the car the work just blew my mind and it still does the more I look at it! And for fit and finish his prices are even a little cheep

Ben Horne - Toyota soarer

Well i don't know where to start. I believe my car was the first to be seen my many of you, resulting in a huge thread of how awesome the fabrication work was. I asked for something that would be recognized as one of the best jzz30 roll cages out there, looking at the finished product i can honestly say that it probably is. Nick is a top bloke and totally dedicated to his work!!! you wont be disappointed with his work

Pete Barber - Mazda rx7

I would highly recommend Nickson motorsport to do fabrication work on any car for any application of the vehicle be it drag, drift, rally whatever. great workmanship and an all round pleasure to work with

Matthew House - Mazda rx7

I spent weeks looking around at all the cage builders and Nickson Motorsport's name kept coming up, so I had a chat with Nick and he was really passionate about his work and very enthusiastic to do the job (which is hard to find these days) I am very pleased with my cage, Nick's workmanship and welding skills are unbelievable. Would recommend anyone to Nickson Motorsport especially if you have an RX7

Declan Hicks - Toyota soarer/Toyota jzx81

Thought I'd chip in regards Nick's fabulous work. I have had two cages fabricated for a Z20 Soarer & a JZX81, both are beautifully crafted, with impeccable welding, amazingly tight fit & finish. Both were custom made with some extras so "not easy jobs" but they were both turned around within a week each, which helps when it comes to planning a new build. The best bit for me was noticing where the cage is stitched into the body the welds are symmetrical left to right! That's some tidy work & shows a real commitment to making a truly nice job

Jamie Kenyon - Mazda mx5 mk1

Another well impressed customer of Nicks here! I spent a lot of time trawling the net looking for a bdc spec cage for the mx5 and wasn't getting much luck. Nick contacted me and said he'd happily take on the task of making a weld in cage to fit. It was not easy due to the size of the car, and the need for custom roof latches to secure the hardtop on but he pulled it off and as you can see from the above posts and some pictures, his work really is of the highest quality!! But not only that, his customer service is superb!! I had regular contact with him throughout the job, Top bloke, top work!!

Phil McLaughlin - Mazda rx7

Pretty much the same feelings as the rest of the guys. Mine was one of the first few drift cars to have a cage from Nickson and i got nothing but praise every time someone saw it.. was definitely one of the focus points of the car.
- Cant fault the work.. listened to my needs and budget and provided feedback on possibilities.
- Was very understanding to my situation (needing to drive the car there and strip last few bits there.. then rebuild to drive it back..
- Price was more than competitive for a fully welded in car for a bespoke design
- maximized the space available in a relatively space cabin.
- welding 2nd to none.
- just generally looks bad ass

Jason Rhys Gill- Nissan 200sx

Just a quick one to say this mans work is spot on Nick installed the cage early last year and its been one of the best modifications made. The car will be going back to him soon for more customized work I have in mind of which I have no doubt will be spot on.

harry- mazda rx7 fd3s

Nick built a full weld in cage in my fd and the cage is a work of art, welds and bends are excellent cant recommend him enough, also on top of hes great work, he him self is a great bloke and more than happy to help you ( includes free tow start when your starter packs up too

dan - mazda rx8

Nick has just finished my cage on my RX8. the quality is amazing, the welds are beautiful. I'm over the moon. Nick also done the seats mounts as well which are spot on. Thanks Again Nick

Richard Sadd - Toyota soarer

Just a few words to say how impressed I am with the MSA race cage that Nick has welded into my Toyota Soarer. The car will be racing in the BRSCC saloon car series this year and the brief was to install a good MSA compliant cage.

I shopped around and despite having contact through my wife with Roll centre, and the offer of a substantial discount from Safety devices if the car could be used as a guinea pig at some point, I had a gut feel that Nicksons would be better and I am glad I made the choice.

The welding is superb, the fit excellent and it really is up there with the best.

Nick also welded in the all important seat mount bars and this alone took over 4 hours or painstaking measuring and precision welding. I have dealt with several companies throughout 15 years of one make championships but Nicks dedication and professionalism is second to none.

It also helps that he is one of the nicest chaps I have ever met.

This is a business set to grow. If I ever have the misfortune to hit the wall at Rockingham again , I will be safe in this car !!

Carl Hayward (director of Hayward rotary) - Mazda rx7

Nick has built 2 cages for us now and the workmanship is great!
You cant do better than use nick for a cage. Thanks Nick!

Ollie Hampton - ford focus rwd cosworth yb

Have to say a massive thank you for all you work on the car mate. Turned out better than I ever could have hoped. Can't wait to have it all finished and race ready. Pick up the phone people this bloke knows his stuff.

Shaan Shareef - Toyota soarer

Just wanted to say that when i removed the bolt in cage from my soarer recently my fabricator was highly impressed by your skills and said the box section you put in was impeccable... as good if not better than a full weld in, hats off to Nickson ... ;-)

Nigel Conniford - corolla ae86

Just a little note, Many thanks to Nick for doing such a great job of the roll cage for my rally car build, top man, with great workmanship, One very happy customer, would certainly recommend his work to anyone.

Phil Morrison (Director of DriftWorks Ltd) - AE86/ASCAR

We've now had two cages done by Nickson Motorsport. The first was for our Nissan Skyline. We decided to go for NASCAR style doorbars, as side protection is a really big deal in a drift car. The cage came out perfect.

The second was our rather special AE86/ASCAR build. This is an old Toyota shell, that's having 600bhp thrown at it, so my safety was a major part of the decision whether to create the car or not.

Discussing this with Nickson, we came up with a recipe of a T45 multipoint cage with some extra's like NASCAR doorbars, extra headroom, great visibility clearance on the
A-pillars, and reinforced sills and foot wells so the wheel couldn't be pushed back into my feet in the event of an accident.

The finished cage is a work of art, and I will have no problem pushing the car as hard as possible, knowing we have the best possible safety in the car.